Combine files as Gerber File

2016/10/3 18:54:10

I am having .pho file and a gerber plot for that file in the form of .drl file format. I need to combine these files and save it as .ger file. Do you know any free software to combine the files and save it as .ger file.


2016/12/9 4:13:39

I would think that the .pho files are Gerber RS274X files and the .drl is in Excellon drill format.

philip lambert

2016/10/6 18:45:44

My gerbers are .gbr, but I suppose that doesn't matter much. PHO is probably a proprietary file format. Either look for a gerber export option in your program, or ask the manufacturer if they have some option to export or convert their files to gerbers.

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