coils in a Water Soluble world

2017/2/28 20:37:01

Coilcraft has posted the following and I am wondering how you folks are handling the use of coils in a Water Soluble world.
PCB Washing and Coilcraft Parts Coilcraft tests for resistance to solvents per the following specification:
Resistance to solvents
Specification There must be no change in appearance or obliteration of marking.
Test method/condition
Inductors must withstand 6 minutes of alcohol.
Many of our customers use water-based cleaning systems without reporting problems. Because of the large number of variables in cleaning operations (solvent type, pressure, number of cycles, etc.), Coilcraft does not perform tests using cleaning systems.
Water based solvents may include neutralizers, surfactants, saponifiers, dispersants and anti-foaming agents, so Coilcraft cannot recommend a solvent (other than pure water and/or alcohol).
Coilcraft cautions against the use of water-soluble (organic) fluxes with any of our components. Weak organic acid (WOA) residues cannot be completely removed from the windings of fine-wire components. Water-soluble fluxes cause immediate or latent corrosion of the wire. The residues from organic fluxes are hygroscopic and contain acids that may contain halides. The combination of moisture and halides creates a corrosive (acid) solution that flows between windings and will cause damage to the component.


2017/3/2 20:37:01

Thanks for marvelous posting.


2017/3/2 20:37:01

Pretty good and useful info for beginners.


2017/3/2 20:37:01

Thanks for the article. Very valuable.


2017/3/2 20:37:01

My friends and I have learned a lot with your post. And we will keep on following you for the further study.Hope your next article will come soon.

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