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Cleaning after repair


We are a no-clean facility and I was asked to develop a cleaning procedure for boards that were repaired. In my opinion I believe that if a board is repaired with a no clean flux and if the flux was not activated (ran in another area of the board), the flux should be removed from the board. Any Comments? To accomplish this you should either wash the entire board (which we have washers for) or if the flux was restricted to the area of repair, the flux can be removed with a q-tip and alcohol or another spot cleaner. Any Comments? One cleaning chemistry that the operators are now using is Terpene, which comes from a TidyPen sold by MicroCare. I would like some comments on using Terpene for a spot cleaner. I am concerned that if the flux and Terpine is not wiped from the board the Terpine could leave a residue. If so, is this residue harmful to the board? I know of companies using Terpine (or have used it) but that are also rinsing the board.
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