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CCL demand from PCB industry slowed down in August
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Demand for copper clad laminates (CCLs) from the PCB industry has slowed down in August which may affect CCL makers’ performance for the third quarter, according to industry sources.
CCL makers posted mixed results for July 2010, with Elite Material (EMC) and Taiwan Union Technology (TUC) seeing revenues continue to move upward, while Iteq suffered a decline in revenues.
TUC saw its consolidated revenues grow 7.5% sequentially to NT$970 million (US$30.41 million) in July, while peer company EMC saw revenues edge up 2.5% sequentially to NT$1.18 billion during the same month. Iteq’s revenues were down 6% to NT$1.77 billion.
However, TUC expects its revenues to continue to grow in August due to new capacity contributed by its new plant in Zhungshan, China. TUC will have total capacity of 1.5 million CCLs by the end of 2010.
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