Can someone help me with PCB for led matrix

2016/5/16 18:00:58

My project invovles a 6x8 LED display, using common anode RGB LEDs. I want to control the display with an Arduino, which I also planned on using the 5 volt out as my source. As to decrease the problem,I want to use PCB, is there any suggestions?


2016/12/12 12:10:38

Have you fond that you need a resistor for each LED? I realize this will significantly increase the parts count, but if you use only one resistor per column, the brightness of the LED's in that column will be directly related to how many are lit at any


2016/6/17 9:33:33

Schematic would help you a lot. By the way you can run power traces under instead of around ICs. that way you will have fewer crossing and jumpers.

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