Can someone help me to fill zones on a layout?

2016/8/14 8:53:42

I have AGND, DGND, GND in my design of a 6 layer PCB. IS there a way that I can keep separate them, so I won't get any noise problem.

Barbara Seria

2016/11/25 19:25:46

I suggest that you had better not separate planes. Because it is quite easy to create bad signal return paths. This creates a slot antenna that radiates and receives noise. It also contributes to ground bounce.


2016/9/9 11:35:35

You need to make sure that you actually have a component on the schematic that connects them. They won't show as separate nets when you export the netlist if you have them connected by a schematic wire. So this is really important to keep in mind.


2016/9/5 13:05:40

You can create three separate, non overlapping filled zones on your ground layer. And let the three zones set to net AGND, DGND, and GND seperately.

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