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Gerber File

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Gerber is used in PCB fabrication data. PCBs are designed on a specialized electronic design automation (EDA) or a computer-aided design (CAD) system. The CAD systems output PCB fabrication data to allow manufacturing. This data typically contains a Gerber file for each image layer (copper layers, solder mask, legend or silk...).

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Can someone help me on correcting CAD information
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George Blat

hi to all. I am new in this forums. but I like it too much. i am working on universal machine but sometimes i had a problem when the CAD data ( X,Y,Theta ) information are not correct, I adjust them manually in Board Enhanced Setup, my question is there any other method to do that by just correcting the first component ?
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Jukka Ainali

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Franco Lanza

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Enrico Gensale

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