Can PCB Trace Use as A Fuse?

2016/5/22 18:46:37

As far as I am concerned,a fuse can keep components away from damage.Can PCB trace use as a fuse? And have you ever used suca a fuse? Is it necessary for me to design such a fuse?

Stephen Gullotto

2016/9/23 21:19:32

Yes,I have ever seen such a fuce.Basically a fuse is necessary,unless you want to save money, or your product is disposable.

Ahmad Faraz Khan

2016/9/21 14:22:22

No, I've never seen that before.It is not a good idea to use a unreliable PCB trace as a fuse.It must damage to PCB boards.

Patrick Hamers

2016/8/22 21:21:07

It must destroy your precision PCB.


2016/7/24 13:55:37

I have ever seen PCB trace can be used as a fuse,and it worked well.

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