Can I use tabletop Jigsaw for PCB cutting?

2016/7/12 10:42:58

Is it tabletop Jigsaw is suitable for PCB cutting and making a good PCB looking result?


2016/11/28 10:41:50

I think a shear is best, and a table saw would be a next best. I manage with a simple hacksaw and wet&dry rubbing paper to even out any misalignment.


2016/11/10 20:58:44

If your hand is steady, you can use a dremel.

Dmitry Pugachev

2016/10/24 16:17:51

A jigsaw can cut PCB, but it is not the best solution for cutting. Because the baseplate on a jigsaw isn't ideal for cutting PCB.

Gianni Trevisiol

2016/9/14 3:29:06

A cheap cheap scroll saw can also work well for you.

Thomas Cobb

2016/7/14 10:42:58

Very interesting post.

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