Can I use lead-free PCB and solder paste on a first SMD assembly job?

2016/6/7 12:45:33

My first PCB design has been send to manufacture. Now I need to decide whether to order the board finish lead-free.


2016/11/14 21:23:24

I have bought lead-free for my first tube of solder paste and didn't have any troubles. As for the stencil, I'd highly recommend using the soda can method, which will not cost too much.

Terry Lenny

2016/9/26 1:21:05

There is no difference of Lead-free and leaded when doing reflow. Leaded has a lower melting point, but if you are using a reflow oven with a temperature profile, you will not really experience any difference.

Alejandro Ariel

2016/8/9 18:10:32

Leaded solder is easier to work with especially if your soldering iron is not so good. It's kind of like driving with a stick vs automatic transmission.


2016/6/11 8:28:23

Most firms go lead-free is because of legal requirements in places like Europe or California.

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