Can I reduce the number of layers on a pcb by making the board larger?

2016/7/18 15:42:14

I have a design that uses DDR3 RAM where I need to match trace lengths. When the design is having RAM, 4 layers pcb is usually used, but it is too expensive to me. Can I use a larger 2 layers pcb instead? Because 2-4 layer is a large price difference? Can anyone tell me the reason of the price difference?


2016/10/4 20:42:17

You can reduce the number of layers by saving money, but the board will not work as well as you designed. Because you want a 2 layers pcb with the funtion of 4 layers pcb.


2016/9/14 19:06:40

4 layers pcb is expensive is becauses of the buried and blind via used on it.


2016/7/20 15:42:14

Please keep us up to date like this.


2016/7/20 6:37:18

I would say this is not a good idea and four layers is better for your design. You can cut cost elsewhere by changing the layers of pcb. If you are going to do it don't even expect to get to near full speed, and if you're trying to route multiple parts like a DIMM or clamshell. I would say it's not even worth trying.

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