Can I make a double-sided PCB at smart prototyping pcb service?

2016/11/7 11:42:50

The PCB fab have a 5x5cm minimum board size. My board is approx. 35x20mm so I can easily put two side-by-side and thus double the board count within this limit. What is the best way to do this?


2016/12/19 2:48:01

One of the specs is the number of designs on your board. Some companies will charge extra for multiple designs, even if you're not asking them to cut V-grooves or otherwise separate them

Yair Almanza Armenta

2016/11/18 3:25:56

Assuming you are referring to the smart prototyping PCB service, you must use V-grooves rather than drilled holes.


2016/11/15 18:40:38

What I usually do is panelize my design, using something like CAM350. I clear out 1/4" or more between any copper feature for each instantiation of the board. Then I just submit it like that, when it comes back I just cut them out on my band saw.

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