Can CFL tube light be used as a UV source to make PCB?

2016/6/2 7:50:59

I don't have ultraviolet source to expose PCB. I want to make PCB using UV expose method. I think normal home use CFL will produce UV? How long should I expose in this UV source?

Prashanth Gunjur

2017/1/3 15:06:32

What you said will work. Boards I've left under flourescent lights have eventually exposed but that was more by accident than design.

Henrik Wessel

2016/10/1 23:33:20

It's possible to use exposure to sunlight to make a PCB. You just need to make sure that the PCB face at right angles to the sun.

Barbara Seria

2016/6/6 17:22:07

You want to take a strip of PCB, mask it with a piece of thick card and leave a little bit of board exposed. Exposed 5 minutes then move it by another 1cm. Keep going until you've exposed the last part of the board.

Luigi Salvatore

2016/6/4 7:50:59


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