BTU VIP98 Oven refuses to start

2017/2/27 22:38:49

Our VIP98 oven just refused to do anything this morning, no previous history of problems. Conveyor and heaters do not start up. None of the Solid State Relays in the back of the unit are operating, although we can make them switch by wiring up to the input terminals. Temperature readings on the PC Monitor for all zones are zero degrees.
We have checked obvious - power and air all look OK. There is a red LED on in the middle of the controller board - good or bad? Does anyone know if there are any sensors or switches that would totally stop the main board from starting up if they had failed?


2017/3/1 22:38:49

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2017/3/1 22:38:49

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Elektro Doni

2017/3/1 22:38:49

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2017/3/1 22:38:49

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