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Solder Paste

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Solder paste is a material used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to connect surface mount components to pads on the board. It is also possible to solder through hole pin in paste components by print solder paste in/over the holes.

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Books on Selective Soldering Techniques
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Nicolas Giussani

I'm working as a process engineeer at a PCB manufacturing plant.
I'm a part-time degree stundent, and for my final year project I have to evaluate and implement a selective soldering process. In order to do this, I need to find some good books/journals that cover the advantages/disadvantages of the various selective solutions including:
Dedicated robot based selective machines (miniwave, laser, soft beam, etc)
Selective pallets for use with wave soldering machines
Intrusive reflow
Hand solding
Any help to find useful books/journals would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Al
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It help me a lot. Thank you.





Ignacio de la Fuente


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