BGA Rework Stations

2017/2/2 18:38:32

SV550 BGA Rework Station
SV560 High Resolution System
PCB-112 Full Auto System.
BSY-860 BGA Rework Station
Precision PCB Services, Inc. announced that it will be expanding their line of BGA Rework Stations. Dennis O’Donnell, Vice President stated that the company will now stock 4 of the top BGA Rework Stations available in the market place. All units will have Spit Vision Optics, and range from semi auto machines to full auto units with high resolution optics. We feel that these are the best BGA Rework Stations on the market at a very affordable price. Best of all our products come with warranty, training and technical support from our organization that has over 22 year track record in providing high quality products and services.


2017/2/4 18:38:32

Really appreciate your content. It quite benefits my learning and it has solved my puzzles completely. Thanks.

Yucel Calik

2017/2/4 18:38:32

I like checking your post and hope your update comes soon.

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