BGA Repair Problems

2017/2/28 13:42:29

Have an SRT w/preheat, 18 layer board all copper, 456 BGA needs to be removed and replaced. The manufacturer is Chip Express and during reflow it warps up or down. Causing either opens or shorts on the corners. I was using gel flux with multiple profiles. Now going to try dispensing paste with Camelot using a profile on the lower end of the window. It should reduce the peak temperature and time in reflow, hopefully will not warp. We have baked the parts prior to trying to reflow them. Could use help with this problem part, "Chip Express" Thanks in advance

Nigel Nichols

2017/3/2 13:42:29

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.

Ciurdar Gabriel

2017/3/2 13:42:29

Bookmarked.Really helpful.


2017/3/2 13:42:29

Quite useful and impressive info. I have learned a lot from your article and I will keep on reading your sharing.

Bartlomiej Hydrynski

2017/3/2 13:42:29

Your article answered all my puzzles.

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