BGA reflow profile

2017/2/1 13:42:32

We are about to run our first BGA devices and would appreciate some confirmation on a few points. First some details: PCB & Device: ============= 1) 16 layer (4 power, 4 gnd, 8 signal) 2) gold on nickel finish 3) ceramic BGA with eutectic balls Reflow equipment: ================= 1) 8 heating, 2 cooling zone DIMA hot air convection reflow oven (400mm wire-mesh belt width) From all I have read, I understand the following: ================================================= 1) I should paste the board - I have a .18mm (.007") stencil from which I get a uniform paste deposit (inspected under microscope) 2) Oven profile?? (help please??) - I understand that the board profile should be a standard one such as prescribed by the solder paste manufacturer. - is this correct. Some pointers would be really appreciated, as we are placing a $3000.00 device. I have some mechanical samples that I am able to experiment with.


2017/2/3 13:42:32

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2017/2/3 13:42:32

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2017/2/3 13:42:32

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2017/2/3 13:42:32

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