BGA Device with Slanted and Damaged Spheres

2017/2/2 8:04:28

We have a ceramic BGA that the component supplier has misaligned the spheres in the fixture so they slant .007" out of alignment from the substrate pads. When the devices are tested at the component manufacturer this alignment issue also causes the test fixture to shear the spheres in certain areas. The component manufacturer claims that 50% sphere damage and .008" slant of the balls is acceptable. I have never seen a BGA that exhibited this condition even reballed devices. We process hundreds of thousands of BGA's through our plant each year and have never fought an issue of this magnitude before. Does anyone have any insight or similar experience. Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.


2017/2/4 8:04:28

Truly enjyed reading your posts.

Greg Smart

2017/2/4 8:04:28

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.

Yves van Moerbeke

2017/2/4 8:04:28

Interesting and useful!

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