Batch SMT Assembly & Prototyping

2017/2/1 21:10:46

Manncorp's SMT Place 2000 manual pick & place system handles a wide range of jobs with more accuracy & greater speed than tweezer assembly can accomplish and less operator fatigue.

Speed up manual assembly of surface mount components on printed circuit boards while improving product quality with the SMT Place 2000 manual pick and place system.

Faster and more organized than hand assembly
Manncorp’s SMT Place 2000 enables operators to comfortably place up to 800 components per hour using an easy-gliding positioning head and sliding armrest that steadies the arm for more accurate placements and reduced operator fatigue. Intelligent, auto-on/auto-off vacuum helps the operator work at top efficiency.
Ideal for prototyping, pre-production runs, engineering changes, SMD placements on boards with high through-hole parts counts, odd form placements and small batch and low volume assembly, SMT Place 2000 can also be used to replace components during rework or repair.
Pick from bins, tapes & tape strips
Loose SMDs are picked from the included 45-bin, ESD-safe parts carousel. Available tape strip holders create cost savings in small jobs by allowing components to be purchased only in the quantities needed. Two tape strip feeders can be mounted on the built-in feeder rack for a total of six 8 mm, two 12 mm and two 16 mm cut tape strips. The built-in rack also holds 8 mm and 12 mm reel tape feeders. In all, up to 57 different component types can be loaded on the machine at once, allowing for clear, easy organization of jobs and even greater efficiency.
Save time & expense with integrated dispenser
The integrated dispenser saves time when you need to do something immediately—no need to move to a separate hand dispenser, no need to wait for a stencil to be delivered. Because the dispense syringe is mounted on the placement head, dots can be dispensed more precisely than by hand. Dot size and repeat interval are adjustable through the front-panel controls.
SMT Place 2000 is quality-built for ease of use and long service life.
For those needing to set up a full manual line for SMT assembly, SMT Place 2000 is also available as part of a new ‘Starter’ assembly package from Manncorp, which pairs the system with a double-sided-board stencil printer and lead-free batch reflow oven. 
With sales and support offices in three locations: East (Willow Grove, PA), West (San Diego, CA) and Mexico, Manncorp offers pick-and-place machines, stencil printers, reflow ovens, wave solder machines, turnkey systems, solder pastes, board cleaners, desiccant cabinets, rework systems, component counters and more.

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2017/2/3 21:10:46

Your post answered my questions. Thanks a lot.

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