Basic techniques for pcb cost reduction

2017/6/2 10:21:13

As I know, the PCB manufacturing costs depend on several factors in design. If you are a newbie in the PCB field, maybe your design is not optimized from a cost standpoint. The majority of beginners may forget the basic width, spacing and other rules that have a big impact not only in the tooling costs but also in the unit prices. I know that price is approximately proportional to the board’s area. To keep the total costs to a minimum, are there any more recommendations to follow?

Luis Moreno

2017/6/2 11:42:12

Use the bigger diameter possible for holes. Manufacturing smaller holes involves more precise machinery which increases costs. Some manufacturers charge you extra fee if you need holes smaller than 0.4[mm]. To determine which is the minimum hole size for an standard PCB (which does not include extra cost) you can ask your manufacturer.

Chao Yu

2017/6/2 10:54:14

For board shape and slots, try to use standard board shapes like squares and rectangles given the fact that irregular shapes may need extra cost. Try to avoid slots (internal cutouts) unless necessary.

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