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Awesome 3D Printed PCB Workstation
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Luis Moreno

Makers, hobbyists and developers that enjoy building electronic projects or working with PCBs maybe be interested in a new PCB workstation, that is capable of being 3D printing and is equipped with five articulated arms to help keep sensors or components in place as you work.
The awesome PCB workstation has been created by Italian Police Officer and Thingyverse user Giufini, who has made all the components available to download and print, to create your very own PCB workstation.
The design allows you to clamp almost any shaped PCB board into place using the reposition-able supports that are held in place using wing nuts. Giufini explains :
“The base part is large 190 x 190 mm (7,48 x 7,48 inches) and can accommodate printed circuit boards with dimensions ranging from 20 x 20 mm (0,78 x 0,78 inches) to 130 x 130 mm (5,12 x 5,12 inches).
On the lower face of the base there are 5 guidelines for the precise positioning of silicone bumpers. The bumpers are also useful for creating a certain thickness under the base to allow the passage of the electric cables running through the articulated arms. Each part of this project should be printed exactly as it appears in the preview image, in this way you get the best orientation of each piece with the minimal use of support structures.”
Jump over to Thingyverse website to download the project to print it on your machine.
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