Automotive electronics PCB layout questions

2016/8/7 19:15:04

I am studying an ESP sensor cluster, and I have a look at the PCB inside. But there are some questions about it. 1. why do they use only one trace to connect the resistor to the ground? 2. why don't they use teardrops at the trace/via junction?


2016/12/31 22:04:23

Adding the extra + connections to the resistor is with little point, especially if there is little current through it. Teardrops may not have been supported by their PCB design software. I use Eagle, and they are not available.


2016/12/3 4:32:24

There is no large current requirement here. If this was a Through-Hole Part, it would be done similar to this for thermal reasons.


2016/10/6 2:13:51

For your second question,it is because teardrops are used to reduce the chance of acid traps and perhaps reduce mechanical stress on the trace and via. However, they are not typically necessary.

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