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PCB Equipments

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All of the pcb manufacturing equipments is supposed to provide high quality PCB assembly solutions for high mix, small to medium batch requirements.The manufacturing facilities should be continously invested to increase efficiency and maintain product quality.

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Attention Equipment Sellers and Buyers
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Mikel Rodriguez

Everyone, The PCB Capital Equipment Mart has been open to the public since Monday, May 4. This new service was designed for you, the equipment vendors and users, with input from some of you. All of you can post free ads of quipment for sale or wanted there. You are also encouraged to post past transaction information into the Blue Book of Used PCB Equipment for the benefit of all users. With the PCBCE Mart open, the SMT forum is reserved for technical discussions only. We do encourage vendors to address specific problems that are brought up in the discussions. However any postings of unsolicited for-sale or wanted ads on this Forum WILL be deleted. If you need to advertise things that do not belong to the PCBCE Mart, please consider our Classified page or contact us for additional options. Thank you all. Cunli Jia(my real name) SMTnet
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