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Attention!CCL prices "retaliatory" adjustment is caused by overly squeeze
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Rolf Niemand

CCL is actually related to our lives. Once the CCL has any, the circuit board will be a problem.Cheap CCL will make the more valuable electronic products can not be used. 

According to the analysis, CCL prices are at a low level for a long time and become high by 2015. Power foil firstly appears in copper foil industry, and the future copper industry can no longer rely on the electronics industry and may also seek the way out from the production capacity. The 2018 investment plan of copper foil manufacturers almost all in power foil. Excessive squeeze suppliers make one end loss and the supply imbalance which brings retaliatory price adjustment, so to maintain a reasonable price is very necessary. According to the analysis, the current situation will continue until 2018 year.


For the future of the industry, China Electronic Materials Industry Association CCL Materials Branch senior consultant Zhu Datong that, with the new development of automotive electronics, 9 billion US dollars printed circuit board market demand is foretasted by 2020. The next few years, China will gradually enter the 5G era, the communication base station will be under large construction.This is bound to detonate a greater demand for circuit boards, thus becoming a new hot spot in CCL market. However, the new hot market also puts forward higher performance requirements for CCL, the industry should work closely with to meet the challenge.

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Teo Anca

haha,ccl prices will keep increasing. 

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