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Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB

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Rigid flex circuits have been used in the military and aerospace industries for more than 20 years.Rigid flex circuits combine the best of both rigid boards and flexible circuits integrated together into one circuit. The two-in-one circuit is interconnected through plated thru holes. Rigid flex circuits provide higher component density and better quality control.

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Assembly and Reliability in Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCBs
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Expensive and complicated discrete interconnection cables can reduce a design's reliability, increase design cost and increase overall design size. Fortunately there is an alternative in the form of flexible and flex-rigid PCBs. Flexible PCBs can provide you with a cost effective and convenient solution to your design's interconnection requirements, with the added advantage of having the repeatability and reliability of a PCB. Whereas discrete interconnections have inherently different conductor orientations, flexible PCBs hold all conductors in fixed special orientations to each other. This consistency of composition allows for the precise modeling of flexible PCB traces and a more predictable design. Additionally, flexible PCBs can include gold finger contacts allowing for the edge of a flexible PCB to serve as the male portion of a connector and can accommodate high density designs. As such flexible PCBs can be used to replace the vast majority of traditional discrete interconnection solutions while still allowing for a highly modular design.

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