alterantive plating finishing ?

2017/2/28 5:59:43

We have a product, with various PWBs, with over 600 parts each one (We are a low Volume/high mix company with an average component placement per PCB between 250 to 300 parts). This PWBs have 7 to 10, 20 mils pitch parts. We are having problems with our raw edge supplier because we specify 200 to 400 microinches and he can not achive it on his normal process, they are always very low below the lower limit. This PWBs are Hasl finished.
When is the time to change to an alterantive plating finishing ? 20 mils ? 15 mils ?
The supplier recommend Omikron. I already read notes about omikron suggestion. OSP ? Any suggestion ?

Csaba Simon

2017/3/2 5:59:43

Many thanks. Your idea is very valuable. Will certainly share this post with my pals.

William Reeve

2017/3/2 5:59:43

Impressive and helpful.

Laszlo Toth

2017/3/2 5:59:43

Glad to read such a marvelous article here. You are a genius.


2017/3/2 5:59:43

I am going to keep checking for new writings.


2017/3/2 5:59:43

You are a genuis!

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