ALLPCB Supports “SPEED” Racing Team of Hunan University - Release Speed and Passion

2019/10/18 16:35:59

After five days of fierce fighting, the 10th Formula Student Autonomous China (FSC) was successfully completed in Xiangyang, Hubei province on October 18, 2019.


The competition attracted 66 teams from all over the country. They were judged on a range of dynamic and static items, including cost and manufacturing analysis, marketing reports, racing car design, linear acceleration test, 8-character loop test, high-speed obstacle avoidance test, endurance and efficiency test. Among them, the SPEED Racing Team of Hunan University (formerly Hunan University FSAE Racing Team) sponsored by ALLPCB has achieved good results in the competition.


SALEEN SPEED racing team of Hunan University won the third place in the marketing report, the sixth in the design report, and the third in the high-speed obstacle avoidance. The total score was ranked 25th.







Formula Student Autonomous China was launched by the Chinese society of automotive engineering. It is an automobile design and manufacturing competition organized by college students majoring in automobile engineering or automobile related majors. In accordance with the rules of the race and the standards of race car manufacturing, each team shall design and manufacture a small single-seat recreational race car with excellent performance in acceleration, braking, handling and other aspects within one year, which can successfully complete all or part of the race



SPEED Racing Team of Hunan University established in October 2006, has 13 years of history and is the first Formula Student Racing Team in mainland China. It is also the first FSAE racing team to participate in international competitions in mainland China. They represented China for the first time in the United States to participate in the international student formula car race, and accomplish splendid work.


The first impression of racing car is "speed and passion". In addition, the manufacturing process of the car is quite complicated, which is directly related to the safety of the driver and the performance of the car. The missing, the difference is particularly evident in the manufacture of the car.



In this cooperation between SPEED Racing Team and ALLPCB, ALLPCB mainly assists the research and development of the team, produces high-quality PCB circuit boards according to the PCB design drawings provided by the team, and bears the PCB manufacturing costs of the team in this competition. In addition, the team is equipped with two PCB engineers, giving free PCB design technical support, such as improved PCB file modification and optimization services, as well as free welding services.

Racing is the perfect interpretation of speed and passion, and it is also a perfect pursuit of speed, which is consistent with the endless fast concept of ALLPCB. In addition, SPEED Racing Team of Hunan University adheres to the philosophy of “focusing on casting glory, responsibility-driven passion”. Similarly, the development of ALLPCB is inseparable from focus, responsibility and passion.


Through continuous innovation in the competition, the team has trained and delivered a large number of high-level talents with practical work ability and comprehensive quality for the school and society. The school-enterprise cooperation between ALLPCB and SPEED Racing Team has made a small contribution to the future lightweight of China's automobiles, and also promoted the transformation of China's automobile industry from manufacturing power to industrial power.


"The road is dangerous and dusty, and the wise and speedy has a dream." The engine roars bearing the dreams of teachers and students, and the innovation power of a group of young people is constantly bursting out!

Note: ALLPCB is a foreigh website for Jiepei,specializing in serving people from all over the world.

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