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Advanced Circuits has acquired Tempe, AZ-based Circuit Express (CEI)
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Advanced Circuits has acquired Tempe, AZ-based Circuit Express (CEI). With this acquisition, Advanced Circuits—a player for many years in the commercial PCB arena—moves into the high-reliability, military/aerospace/defense, high-technology marketplace. In addition, Advanced Circuits and Circuit Express can further focus on their core competencies and immediately begin offering expanded services to their customer bases.
CEI brings with it a standalone facility that specializes in advanced technologies (blind/buried vias, high-frequency laminates, .003-inch line/space, etchback, etc.) and a successful track record in supplying PCBs to military, aerospace, and defense customers.
Advanced Circuits continues to grow rapidly and is reporting a strong start for 2010. Now, Circuit Express customers will have access to Advanced Circuits’ higher-volume production capabilities, its innovative online quoting and ordering procedures, plus exclusive FreeDFM and PCB Artist services.
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