ACD Implements Altium Designer 10

2017/2/1 23:44:05

ACD, a leading supplier to the electronics industry, has implemented Altium Designer 10, a system development platform combining schematic, PCB and embedded software development.
ACD implemented Altium Designer 10 to broaden the support of its design team. With the Designer 10, ACD increases its range of schematic capture and board layout. The system interacts with other tools and allows the design team to preview outside data. The 3-D modeling allows designers to visually overlay components to prevent mechanical issues after fabrication. Altium also supports ACD’s planning department to assist in gathering data for external designs.
“ACD’s goal has always been to match our customers’ internal design tools and offer the latest CAD software so we can effectively align the technical requirements with the proper software for customers who do not have an internal design group,” commented W. Scott Fillebrown, President & CEO.
With Altium Designer 10, ACD can build approval processes directly into its design environment. Additionally, it provides complete revision and lifecycle management capabilities. The new Vault system finally brings together component information and library data with the designs and releases that use those components. This powerful new system makes it possible to track components across any design.

Sergio Sota Ortega

2017/2/3 23:44:05

Remarkable.It help me a lot. Thank you.


2017/2/3 23:44:05

Bravo! Hope you can write soon.

Michal Olszak

2017/2/3 23:44:05

Marvelous post. Appreciate it very much.

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