About the cost of PCB vias

2016/4/12 10:20:32

I always think that the more vias, the more expensive. So I try to decrease the number of vias on my design to save money. But maybe the number of vias has a small influence on cost. For example, if I want a 5"x5" board, how much would it affect a design cost to have 600 or 300 vias instead of 100? Will the size of hole effect the price? What I talked is through hole vias, not buried vias.

David efiv

2016/12/18 4:41:51

As I know,the number of vias is not as important as the size or type. Microvias are much smaller and will cost more than a standard via. Blind vias will also be more expensive. There is probably no price difference between having 300 vias and 100.


2016/6/26 12:34:09

You need to ask the manufacturing fabs for the cost of different number of holes and different drill sizes.And also ask if they do an electric test of the connectivity of the boards and compare the price of different fabs.


2016/4/24 12:09:52

Some prototype manufacturing will charge extra if drill sizes you need are many kinds, or sizes outside their normal drill set.

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