About Anthology crossover components

2017/2/22 6:12:36

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to build a pair of Anthology speakers. The problem is the components... I looked around for the specified crossover components, but I didn't find most of them.
--useless information, skip this if you want--
I live in the Netherlands, so ordering them in the US is not very economical to say the least. If I buy them from Meniscus it would cost me 326 euros (shipping, tax and import included), which is around about 360 dollars currently.
So my question:
Is there an audible difference between caps, resistors and inductors with the same values? Will the speakers sound worse, or will they sound better if I buy better / different components here in the Netherlands for the same price (326 euro / 360 dollars)?
I don't know whether my question is clear or not, I'm not good at explaining haha.
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