A TRUE ESD Stencil Cleaning Roll

2017/2/1 20:34:28

Green Monster ESD Stencil Wipes
Claudio Orifice of Blue Thunder Technologies has developed the world's firsttruelyESD Stencil Cleaning Roll.
He says, "Conventional stencil wiping rolls contain a high percentage of polyester, leaving PCBs exposed to ESD damage. A conventional roll creates more static as it wipes across a metal stencil sitting in the middle of un-grounded nylon mesh. Just as polyester clothes cling and spark when rubbed, fabric cleaning rolls retain static electricity generated in the manufacturing process."
He challenges users to put a surface resistometer on it and compare it to any other. Orifice goes on to say, "Companies spend a lot of money and effort to make their assembly line ESD safe and then they place a cheap stencil wiping roll that is “sizzling” with static right next to their circuit board!"
Blue Thunder Technologies is offering users of MPM, DEK, EKRA, Panasonci, and other stencil and screen printing machines to try a complimentary sample of Green Monster ESD Stencil Cleaning Roll!


2017/2/3 20:34:28

Quite useful and impressive info.


2017/2/3 20:34:28

Great work. I really appreciate it.

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