A few questions about vias and pads on a pcb

2016/7/14 11:09:41

I am confusing with designing two layers pcb and have several questions of it. One question is about the utility of 2 layers pcb, is it to avoid using jump wires? I also want to know if you can still solder a component on the bottom layer even if the route is on the top layer? Are the layers linked somehow like vias thanks to the pads?


2016/11/26 23:32:42

The reason of using 2-layer pcbs is to avoid the jump wires. On a complex board there would be lots of them in all directions. Your layout doesn't need the second layer, which is simple enough to be routed on a single layer without wire bridges. If you get stuck you may have to move some components to another position, but it can be done.


2016/8/24 21:17:16

My suggestion is to try it with single layer pcb instead of going the easy way of the 2-layer board. If you don't succeed in doing this on a single layer, you'll never be able to do a more complex board on a 2-layer pcb either.


2016/7/16 11:09:41

Thanks for marvelous posting.

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