4790 replacement

2017/4/10 22:25:41

We are looking at replacing our aging 4790 for something. We are replacing our GSM1 with an Advantis. We are a prototype shop and do runs of 5 to 30 normally and once in a while a run of 300. So we are looking for flexibility and ease of set up. Currently the 4790 is nice because we can a lot of fixed feeders but it is getting very old and needs to be replaced. Currently we are looking at MyData, Universal and Fuji. The MyData looks great for the set up times but seems like that there would be a large learning curve. We are thinking of getting another Advantis, this would mean a lot of feeder changes. There are some used 4796s out there that look nice plenty of feeders and small learning curve. Someone suggested that we throw a CP6 in the mix; I don't know much about them yet. So any thoughts or comments would be great.
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