45 mil ball diameter BGA

2017/2/1 23:59:49

Good day all, we are having problems with some new BGAs that are slowly filtering their way into our designs. Engineering really wants to use them and I am pressured to make them work. They are 54 ball BGAs. The pitch is .8 mils and the ball diameter is .45 mils. The package is 16 x 8 mils. Now I know there are probably much worse challenges out there but we are having issues getting consistantly accurate places from the P&P. Also I am seeing issues with paste clogging and not transfering to the PCB during the stenciling process. We are using a 5 mil thick stencil with 1:1 aperture to pad size. Any recomendations?
There is a TSOP version of this part that I am trying to get engineering to switch to to save me some headaches but in the meantime i need to make the best of what ive got.

Fredrick Lantz

2017/2/3 23:59:49

Please keep doing your great job.

Antal Levente

2017/2/3 23:59:49



2017/2/3 23:59:49

Great work. I really appreciate it.

Juan Pablo Vales

2017/2/3 23:59:49

Remarkable.I have learned a lot from your post.


2017/2/3 23:59:49

I was really confused, and this answered all my qutoiesns.

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