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A ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging (a chip carrier) used for integrated circuits. BGA packages are used to permanently mount devices such as microprocessors. A BGA can provide more interconnection pins than can be put on a dual in-line or flat package. The whole bottom surface of the device can be used, instead of just the perimeter.

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0201/Micro BGA PCB Tolerance
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Hi Everyone My company has done loads of 0402 placements but are now required to start looking at 0201 and micro BGA placements. I’ve done loads of research and I’m happy with stencil design, area ratio, oven profile, machine requirements and paste requirements but I haven’t seen much on PCB requirements apart from land designs. Are there any requirements for the PCB other then land design or do things like mask height/tolerance and others that I’ve not thought about come into play here?
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Pretty good and useful info to my job. Keep on checking your post.


Pretty good and useful info to my job. Keep on checking your post.


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