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Audited PCB Fabrication Equipments by ALLPCB.com

In PCB Production many PCB Fabrication Equipments are involved. All the PCB manufacturers in ALLPCB.com invest a large amount in hi-tech equipments. Because we all believe good quality is the foundation of our Brand. Qualified machines carry out qualified products and reduce the cost as well.

Here we will list some PCB fabrication machines, which must be audited by ALLPCB.com when a PCB manufacturer wants to join our platform.

PCB Manufacturing Machines:

1. Drilling Machine

2. Laser Drilling Machine

3. Film Machine

4. Imaging Machine

5. Laminating Machine

6. PTH Line

7. Plating Line

8. DES Line

9. Etching Machine

10. Exposure Machine

11. Laser Plotter

12. Scrubbing Machine

13. Developing Machine

14. Ink Jet Printer

15. Immersion Gold Line

16. Coating Line

17. CNC Routing Machine

PCB Testing Equipments:

1. Testing Machine

2. ROHS Tester

3. AOI Tester

4. X-RAY Machine

5. Insulation Resistance Tester

6. Bridge Digital Tester

7. Gold Nickel Thickness Tester

8. High Pressure Resistance Tester

9. Peeling Strength Tester

If you want to check more details about all the equipments in every manufacturer from ALLPCB.com, you can visit the page of every manufacturer. There are many photos for all the machines.

Manufacturing Machines & Testing Equipments

Manufacturing Machines & Testing Equipments

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