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Combination of the Best PCB Manufacturers in the World

Offering PCB buyers the flexibility of choosing the most suitable factory from ALLPCB’s deliberately-selected network




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ALLPCB is the first worldwide online platform with PCB prototyping and low volume PCB manufacturing services.

Since 2013, ALLPCB has been striving to offer the most cost-effective PCB manufacturing service and provide global SMEs with complete PCB design process and technical support from “Prototype to Production”. In order to achieve a fast response to customers’ demands, we have created a powerful service and support system. Our delivery performance, quality control, customer service and quick response to complaints endue us with a leading position in PCB industry.

ALLPCB enjoys unique resource advantages in many aspects:

1. PCB manufacturers

More than 100 Chinese PCB manufacturers have joined ALLPCB manufacturer network, providing with 1-30 layers PCB prototyping and low volume PCB manufacturing service, which includes multilayer board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI board and rigid-flex board. The fastest leading time can be within 24 hours. All the ALLPCB’S PCB manufacturers have passed our strict on-spot audit by professional auditors about the environment, equipments, raw materials, certifications and management. All the audit reports are open and transparent online, ensuring the manufacture capability authenticity of every PCB manufacturer.

2. Components

ALLPCB cooperates with over 30 famous components distributors, providing more than 5 million electronic components in stock. At least 95% orders will be guaranteed to be delivered on the same day.


ALLPCB works with more than 10 PCBA manufacturers with the capacity of prototype and low volume manufacture within 2-3 days. And the pass rate of finished products reaches 99.9%.

ALLPCB has a powerful team with 100+ customer services, engineers and technicians. We provide 24/7 service for worldwide customers via email, telephone and live chat.

“Made in China, Loved by the world” is the pursuit of ALLPCB at present. ALLPCB will strive to achieve the transform from “Made in China” to “Made in the world”, making the innovation of global SMEs much easier and bringing the human beings better life with the help of technology!


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We Strive to Build an Open & Transparent Global PCB Manufacturing Platform

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