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ALLPCB Development Plan in 2017

ALLPCB is the first worldwide online platform with PCB prototype and low volume PCB manufacture service. Headquarter is located in Hangzhou, where enjoys the reputation of the city of e-commerce and the paradise on the earth. Besides, ALLPCB established several offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Since 201......


2017 PCB Price Adjustment Announcement

For the shortage and price increase of raw materials, like copper foil, glass fiber, glass cloth and other chemical materials, the price of all the PCB orders will increase accordingly.


Best Blessing for Dear Customers in 2017

Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, is the grandest event in China. Thus we get days off work and precious time for family reunion, but we never relax our duties. Adhering to the principle of customer priority, is eager to help you even during vacation. Traditionally, Chinese.....


ALLPCB Offers One-stop Service on UAV Manufacture

UAV is known as an unmanned aerial vehicle that can fly with no pilot while being controlled from a system on the ground. It ranges from craft built by hobbyists to advanced technology military uses. At present, UAV can be divided into three types: consumer UAV, commercial UAV and military UAV.