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  • 2 layer pcb prototype board

    2-layer Board


    Only $10.00

  • 4 layer pcb prototype board

    4-layer Board


    Only $43.00

  • 6 layer pcb prototype board

    6-layer Board


    Only $231.00

  • Heavy Copper Prototype Board

    Heavy Copper

    Max Copper Weight: 28OZ
    Base Material: FR4/Aluminum
    Used in:
    High Power Distribution,
    Heat Dissipation,
    Power Converter, etc

  • Rigid-Flex Prototype Board

    Rigid-Flex Board

    Rigid/Flex Layer: 36/10
    Min Track/Space: 3/3mil
    Aspect Ratio: 20:1
    Min Hole: 6mil
    Impedance Control: 10%
    High Density

  • High TG Prototype Board

    High TG Boards

    TG 130-140
    TG 150-160
    TG 170-180
    LED Industry, etc
    Shengyi, Isola, Mica-AVA
    Hitachi, Nelco

  • RF Board

    Copper: 0.25OZ - 3OZ
    Max Size: 23.62” x 19.68”
    Board Thickness: 0.5mm – 3.0mm

  • HDI Board

    3+C+3: Volume Production
    4+C+4: Small run + Volume
    Laser Via/Plugging via
    Min Hole: 4mil
    Copper Filled Via
    Excellent Mounting reliability

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Best for: 1~24layers pcb prototype

Certifications: ISO9001,ISO14001,ROHS,SGS,UL,IAF,IPC

Security Deposit: $50000

4.9 / 5

Low Cost: 4.9

High Quality: 5.0

On-time: 4.9

JDB Tech

Best for: 1~4 layers pcb prototype

Certifications: ISO9001

Security Deposit: $50000

4.9 / 5

Low Cost: 4.9

High Quality: 4.8

On-time: 5.0


Best for: 1~4 layers pcb prototype

Certifications: UL

Security Deposit: $50000

4.8 / 5

Low Cost: 4.9

High Quality: 4.5

On-time: 5.0


Best for: 1~4 layers pcb prototype

Certifications: ISO9001

Security Deposit: $50000

4.7 / 5

Low Cost: 4.9

High Quality: 4.5

On-time: 4.8

WMD Circuits

Best for: 1~6 layers pcb prototype

Certifications: ISO9001,UL,ISO16949

Security Deposit: $50000

4.6 / 5

Low Cost: 4.4

High Quality: 5.0

On-time: 4.4

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