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China Topspeed PCB Prototype Manufacturer
Best Choice for PCB Prototype Users

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    Costumers Worldwide

ALLPCB, found in 2015, is a topspeed PCB prototype manufacturer in China and the best choice for PCB users. We are a high-tech enterprise with PCB prototype manufacture and sales, specializing in 1-8 layer topspeed PCB prototypes. At present, ALLPCB is one of the most competitive brands in China, with the shortest lead time and the most favorable price. ALLPCB’s headquarter is located in Hangzhou, with 1300 square meters modern office and 100 staffs like engineers, customer service, technicians and finance and so on. The production base is located in PCB industrial park in Guangde, with 30000 square meters plant as well as 160 professional and experienced staffs.

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Membrane Switch & Graphic Overlay

Cheap,High Quality,Fast Delivery

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  • 10PCS Prototype Starts from $60

Starting Price: $60

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