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ALLPCB Price Adjustment

2017-12-29  ALLPCB TEAM 1864

Dear Customers, Happy New Year !

To provide PCBs with better quality and to achieve faster shipment

The original FR-4 material is upgraded to Shengyi TG140


The PCB lead time has accelerated 

24H Lead Time for 1-2 layer boards

48H Lead Time for 4-layer boards

72H Lead Time for 6-layer boards


And please note that ALLPCB is ready to cancel the promotional PCBs with $5 from Jan.15th .
For all the standard PCB prototypes the price will be calculated with project fee, board fee ect.
There is only price  change for promotional board, the other price remain the same 
Therefore,please submit with correct PCB dimension on our intant quote page to get accurate PCB cost 


ALLPCB is committed to providing topspeed in PCB prototype & Batches, PCB Assembly and SMT-stencil for global  electronic users.


We keep to providing convenience for your work with better quality,better lead time, better service, and becoming your long-term reliable partners.   


Order now !!!  http://www.allpcb.com/online_quote.html



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