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Free shipping activities extended to the global customer!

2017-10-28  ALLPCB TEAM 68161

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Free shipping activities extended to the global customer!

Since last week, ALLPCB has launched a  free shipipng activities ( the parcel within 1kg) for American and  Canadian customers, which has been welcomed by lot of customers.

At the same time, we have received more feedback that if we can expand this activity to all countries of the  world.

ALLPCB has been committed to providing customers with topspeed lead time and high quality products. After  discussion, our CEO Mr. zhou agreed to offer free-shipping activities to all global customers. (The highest discount is $25 ) It's really  a super benefits for the world's electronic users. 

Come on and enjoy ALLPCB's Carnival feast for global electronic users in PCB & PCB assembly. 

ALLPCB is committed to providing topspeed in PCB prototype & Batches, PCB Assembly and SMT-stencil for global  electronic users.

We keep to providing convenience for your work with better quality,better lead time, better service, and becoming your long-term reliable partners.   

Order now !!!  https://www.allpcb.com/online_quote.html



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