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PCB Capabilities

No. Item Capability Details
1 Layer 1-8 layer 1-8 layer PCB prototypes
2 Ink TAIYO White: TAIYO 2000 series Green: TAIYO 07 series
3 Material FR-4 FR-4 material only (KB6160A TG130)
4 Max. Dimension 550x650mm Standard dimension is 550*650mm
5 Dimension Tolerance(Outline) ±0.15mm ±0.15mm for CNC routing, and ±0.5mm for V-scoring
6 Thickness 0.4--3.0mm 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4/3.0mm
7 Thickness Tolerance( t≥1.0mm) ± 10% +10% will occur for the technologies like electroless copper, solder mask and pad plating.
8 Thickness Tolerance( t<1.0mm) ±0.1mm +0.1mm will occur for the technologies like electroless copper, solder mask and pad plating.
9 Min. Trace 4mil(0.1mm) Min. trace is 4 mil. More than 6 mil is recommended to save cost.
10 Min. Spacing 4mil(0.1mm) Min. spacing is 4 mil. More than 6 mil is recommended to save cost.
11 Finished Outlayer Copper 35um/75um(1 OZ/2 OZ) Also known as copper weight. 35μm=1oz, 70μm=2oz
12 Finished Inerlayer Copper 35um 35μm=1oz
13 Drill Size 0.25--6.3mm Min. drill size is 0.25mm, Max. drill size is 6.3mm. Any holes greater than 6.3mm will charge extra fee.
14 Annular Ring ≥0.153mm(6mil) Annular ring surrounded by traces should be equal to or larger than 0.153mm(6mil).
15 Finished Hole Size 0.25--6.5mm For the plated hole wall, the finished hole size is smaller than the one in file.
16 Hole Size Tolerance ±0.075mm eg. For the 0.6mm hole, the finished hole size between 0.525mm to 0.675mm is acceptable.
17 Solder Mask LPI Liquid Photo-Imageable Solder Mask
18 Min. Character Width ≥0.15mm Characters width less than 0.15mm will be unidentifiable.
19 Min. Character Height ≥0.8mm Characters height less than 0.8mm will be unidentifiable.
20 Character Width to Height Ratio 1:5 1:5 is the best ratio for producation.
21 Trace to Outline ≥0.3mm(12mil) Rounting: Trace to Outline≥0.3mm; V-scoring: Trace to Outline
22 Panelization without space 0 For V-scoring panelization, set the space between boards to be 0.
23 Panelization with space 1.6mm For Rounting panelization,set the space between boards to be ≥1.6mm.
24 Polygon Pour with Pads Hatch Please attention that we will apply Hatch to do Polygon Pour if your PCBs designed with Pads.
25 Slot Drawing with Pads Drill Drawing Layer With many unplated grooves, please draw them in Drill Drawing Layer.
26 Protel/dxp Override Layer Solder Layer Do not mistake the Paste Layer as Solder Layer.
27 Protel/dxp Keepout Layer Keepout Layer/Mechanical Layer Choose one from Keepout Layer or Mechanical Layer as outline.
28 Min. Half Hole Diameter 0.6mm Half hole is a special technology, so half hole diameter should be greater than 0.6mm.
29 Soldermask Bridge 0.1mm Solderbridge is available but it will charge extra fee.