Ultra-fast delivery without high quality makes no sense. ALLPCB always takes great care of quality, adhering to the spirit of craftsman, using the most advanced manufacturing machines and best raw materials. ALLPCB never compromises on quality.

Most Advanced Machines

All the manufacturing equipment in ALLPCB is introduced from the first-line brand to ensure quality of products and the production efficiency as well.

Raw Materials

Raw materials are of great significance for manufacturing, playing a decisive role in the PCB quality.

A-Grade board from Shengyi Tech or King Board is the standard material used by ALLPCB, 30~50RMB higher than other manufacturers’ choice. It’s the foundation of high-quality products.

Taiyo Ink chosen by ALLPCB is usually used for high-end PCB products, its price is 30~40RMB/kg higher than the ordinary ink. It can guarantee the solder ability and performance of PCBs.