There is no sense for the fast delivery with no high quality. ALLPCB insists quality is the life of our company. We adhere to the artisan spirit, use good materials, advanced equipment, and try our best to make every board.

Shengyi, King board A-grade PCBs material

The standard material used by ALLPCB is more 30~50RMB expensive than the price of the competitor. The good material brings better product performance!

Taiyo Ink

Taiyo Ink used in ALLPCB is usually only used for high-end PCBs, the average price per kilogram is 30~40RMB higher than the price of ordinary ink. The quality of the ink directly affects the solder ability of PCB and affects the PCBs performance.

Dongtai drilling machine, Xiechen text printing machine

The production equipment in ALLPCB is selected from the production equipment of the first-line brand of the industry to ensure the fineness of each board.