By fully utilizing the Internet, Big data, Cloud implementations, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence technology, ALLPCB greatly improves the management efficiency of traditional PCB prototype factories. New industry standard for PCB prototype makes the impossible become reality, and greatly helps users shorten their PCB development cycle.

Taking panelization as an example, as manually panel sorting out is replaced by the cloud machine processing, it only takes 10 minutes to complete a panelization.

Ultra-fast Delivery

5-Min Service Response

Self-developed customer service management system guarantees the highest response speed. On average, customers’ request would be responded in 3-7 minutes. Besides, the fastest file auditing has achieved 3 minutes.

Averge Response Time(Min)

Averge Response Time(Min) line chart

Averal Gerber File Auditing Time(Min)

Averal Gerber File Auditing Time(Min) Column chart

Reliable Express – DHL

ALLPCB has maintained stabile and good cooperation with DHL for many years. Packages are promised to be delivered in 2-5 days via DHL.


DHL South Region VP and ALLPCB COO