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Free PCB CAD Software

This is a comparison of printed circuit board design software. Our criteria for including a PCB CAD program are:

  • There should be a version available for free (no money).
  • The free version should not be time limited, i.e. you should be able to use the software indefinitely without needing to pay for it.
  • The free version should provide schematic and board design and should generate some form of output that can be used to manufacture boards.
  • The software should be actively developed and supported.
Product OS Limitations Non-profit Use Only Output Gerbers Notes
CADSTAR Express windows
pins: 300
Nonprofit Use Only
Maximum of 50 components.
ZenitPCB windows
layers: 2
pins: 800
Nonprofit Use Only
Open Circuit Design linux
layers: 8
Nonprofit Use Only
gEDA linuxmac_osx
Nonprofit Use Only
FreePCB windows
dimensions: 152mm(width) * 152mm(height)
layers: 16
Nonprofit Use Only
DesignSpark PCB windows
dimensions: 1000mm(width) * 1000mm(height)
Nonprofit Use Only
KiCad linuxmac_osx
Nonprofit Use Only
Eagle linuxmac_osxwindows
dimensions: 100mm(width) * 80mm(height)
layers: 2
Nonprofit Use Only Nonprofit Use Only
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