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Other FAQs

  • Who is is China Shenzhen-based manufacturing network of 100+ strategic partners specializing in PCB prototyping, low to big volume production and PCB Assembly service all under one roof. We offer quick turn PCBs at a very affordable price. Thousand of engineers, students, makers and hobbyists are using our PCBs for their daily work and study. strives to be the easiest manufacturer for you to work with. The network is still growing. – Your PCB Prototype Expert!

  • What is your business hour?

    We have salespeople responding to your email requests or processing your online order once we receive them. We start to review your details whenever your orders or emails reach us. We work 7/24/365.

  • How can you manufacture PCBs (Prototype and low volume production) at such a low price?

    The vision of is to be the world’s easiest manufacturers of all type of PCBs fabrication, and this implies that should be responsible for saving you money, that is why we MUST keep the price low. You can choose the most suitable factory from our network to keep the cost low. Also our large scale of daily orders ensures we can greatly reduce the materials’ spending and labor cost. Furthermore, we constantly improve our equipments and develop technical and managerial systems that adapt to flexible setups of machines suitable for fabricating very small number of PCBs without affecting the lead time, cost and quality. And our ERP system connecting sales, engineering and fabrication sections greatly minimizes the labor cost and maximizes the work efficiency. All these factors make your one-stop destination of PCBs of low cost.

  • What if I am dissatisfied with PCBs from

    If you find any defects with your PCBs upon receipt in your hand, or if you feel any dissatisfaction about our products or services, please immediately let us know via, we will respond within 24 hours. We will serve you till you are finally satisfied. We will either repair or re-fabricate your PCB if quality issue occurs, or we will refund full amount to you without returning the defective PCBs. You may also choose to credit your account and you may use the credit for your future orders with us.

  • How can I track the fabrication and shipping status of my order?

    We have developed the industry-leading system of easily tracking the fabrication status online in your account with You can also track the shipping status after we send out your PCBs to your address through API of DHL. It is easy and fun!

  • Can I cancel order if I feel I can’t receive my PCBs due to ALLPCB’s fault after tracking the fabrication status online?

    We promise 100% satisfaction and we are keeping a record of 99% on-time delivery! If you feel you can’t receive your PCBs as scheduled due to our fault, you can cancel the order and ask for full refund or credit your account for payment of your next order.

  • How does your privacy policy work?

    We respect the privacy of all our customers. We promise we will never share your personal information with any third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy here.

  • What is ITAR?

    ITAR, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, controls the export and import of defense-related articles and services on the United States Munitions List (USML). Please inform us if your PCBs are ITAR compliant or not after you place orders with us. For details of ITAR, please go to and

  • How can I get a quote?

    At, you can use our hassle-free online quote system to get your price instantly and immediately after you input a few parameters online. Of course you can still ask for a traditional quotation request by sending email to and our service person will quote within 24 hours, do not forget to enclose your Gerber files and all other necessary files for PCB quotation.

  • When does the turn-time begin?

    Due to the complexity of how to determine the turn time of PCB fabrication, our policy is that turn-time begins immediately after your Gerber files and all other necessary files being received, reviewed by us and re-approved by your side. When all these reviews and approvals are done, we will start fabrication immediately.

  • Are your PCBs RoHS Compliant?

    Yes. But we also offer leaded PCBs.

  • Why do I need to panelize my boards?

    Panelization is needed when your PCB dimension is smaller than 50mmx100mm, or when your PCB is of any shapes (circular, or odd shape) other than rectangle, your boards must be panelized in an array for fabrication. You can pre-panelize at your side, or we can also panelize for you. In the latter case, we will send the panelization file back to you for your approval before fabrication begins. Panelization is a MUST if your PCBs will use surface mounting machines for assembly.

  • Why do I need to design Break-away Rails (Break-away Tabs) ?

    If the clearance between the board’s edge and copper features is less than 3.5mm (138mil), or your boards need to be panelized for some reason, Break-away rails (Break-away tabs) must be added at the two longer paralleled edges of the boards to ensure that the boards can be assembled by the SMT machine.

  • Can change my way of shipment?

    Yes, but it is based on the perception that the NEW way of shipping will be speedier for the shipping box reaching your address earlier than the previously chosen courier. All we do is to ensure your best possible ordering experiences with

  • What if courier company (DHL etc.,) fails to deliver my PCBs as scheduled?

    This does happen from time to time, though pretty rare. If this happens, please contact express company for updated time of delivery. Though legally we are not responsible for the delay, we still will track or phone call courier company for updates. The worst case is that we will remake PCBs for you and re-ship to you. For the extra courier charges, we may talk to courier company for compensation.

  • Who will be responsible for the customs duty that may be levied at my country?

    As fabricates your PCBs in our facilities in Shenzhen China, we ship internationally to your country. As the customs policy in different countries may differ, some customs authorities in some countries may levy customs duty on imported PCBs. If this happens, it is your responsibility to pay. In many countries, the duty may be waived or exempted.

  • What are your capabilities of PCB fabrication?

    We have capabilities of manufacturing most of the PCBs for our customers. If you find your PCBs need special processing or you are not sure if we have the ability to produce or not, please contact us at for an answer, attaching your Gerber files and all other files or drawings for us to assess if we can do or not.

Customer Service

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