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Analysis of China Copper Foil Market Demand in 2017
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Anders Appelgren

Global copper demand is expected to be about 536,400 tons in 2017. Assuming a steady development of the PCB industry, in 2017 standard copper demand is expected to be about 408,000 tons.

PCB material cost ratio

1. Standard copper foil application is wide, and market space is still vast.
From the application point of view, electronic grade copper foil is one of the basic materials of the electronics industry. The products are widely used in electronic information industry, communications equipment, automotive electronic components and printed circuit board.

New energy vehicle sales gradually increased

2. Drived by new energy vehicles, it is expected in 2017 lithium copper demand will be about 128,400 tons.
In 2017 new energy vehicle sales is expected to reach 700,000. New energy vehicles further pull the copper demand. From the production and sales goals of domestic and international new energy vehicle, the development momentum is strong; new energy vehicle sales will continue to heavy volume, lithium copper foil demand is expected to continue to expand.
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Alejandro Vitale

PCB industry is influenced by many factors.

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