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ALLPCB is the first worldwide online platform with PCB prototyping and low volume PCB manufacturing services. More than 100 PCB manufacturers have joined ALLPCB, providing with 1-40 layers PCB prototyping and low volume PCB manufacturing service, which includes multilayer Printed Circuit Board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI and rigid-flex board. The fastest leading time can be within 24 hours. All the PCB manufacturers that joined ALLPCB have passed our strict on-spot audit by professional auditors about the environment, equipments, raw materials, certifications and management, etc. All the audit reports are open and transparent, ensuring the authenticity of every PCB manufacturer’s capability.

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If we fail to ship on time or the PCB quality does not meet your specifications, will refund the full amount to you.

Common Problems From Customers

As a worldwide platform offering Printed Circuit Board service, we have connection with many PCB engineers and manufacturers every day. And we have collected some common problems in the process of PCB manufacturing, as the reference for our new customers, to help them have a better understanding about our products and services.

What format files that PCB manufacturer need?

For PCB manufacturer, they usually can accept/open Gerber files, .PCB files.And we mainly suggest customers to upload Gerber files when uploading the Gerber files, which can easily check each layers.

For PCB manufacturers, which layers should be included in Gerber files for Printed Circuit Board?

For PCB manufacturers in PCB making, it should include following layers:Board outline layers, Copper layers , Solder-mask layers, Silkscreen layers, and NC drill files.

For Stencil, which files are used for stencil making?

For stencil making, the stencil file is Top paste layer (GTP) and Bottom paste layer (GBP).Usually, we require to upload the total complete Gerber files.
Also for stencil, it need to note your stencil requirements when submitting stencil orders:
1.Which layers to make? – only GTP, only GBP or both sides?
2.If in your design, both have GTP & GBP, it need to confirm to make both in 1 stencil or in 2 separate stencils?
3.Panel or Single
4.If you choose frameless stencil, it is better to custom a size according to the board size. Usually we suggest to make the stencil size which each side 25mm larger than boards with 4XR5 filet.

What kind format that the PCB manufacturer required in Gerber files?

For PCB manufacturer, they usually required Gerber files in format of RS-274X.

For PCB assembly, which kind BOM format you need.

For PCB assembly, it need send BOM in format of Excel (.xls, .xlxs), see BOM-Sample

For 1-layer board, could it be made with both 2side of covering solder-mask oil, Silkscreen?

For 1-layer board, the PCB manufacturer makes the solder-mask and silkscreen for the copper layer as default.
If you have more damands, it need to note the special requirement according to your design,Such as: 1-layer board, GBL, Both covering

For the design of slots, which layer should I design in?

For the design of slots, we usually suggest you design in board outline layer. Also it is better to note about it when you submitting orders, which can avoid possible problem of missing the slots.

Why there are rest payment after audit?

For the online quoting order, it is the first price according to the PCB specifications that you submitted. Pls understand for the final price, it must confirmed together with the design in your Gerber files.
For the payment, you can choose to pay before audit, also can pay after audit.
If pay before audit, if the price keep same with the first price, then the orders will be confirmed automatically and arrange the productions accordingly, then there is no much time waste.
If there are price changed, if increasing, then it need to pay the different price, usually your sales rep will tell u the reason. If reduce, the different price will refund to you balance account as credit and also the orders will be confirmed automaticly.

How can I add the new orders to the previous order Group and send together to save shipping costs?

For your new orders, you can add it to your order Group which haven’t sent out. Our system will re-count the new shipping costs of the total order Group, and will only charge the extra shipping costs if needed. After combine to the previous order Group successfully, our shipping person will arrange the delivery after all orders finished in this Group.

What kind Drill file that PCB manufacture required?

Usually, the PCB manufacture required the NC drill files. Some customers offer the Drill guide, but this drill guide couldn’t able to be the drill file in production.

For PCB assembly inquiry, what the files that need to offer?

For PCB assembly inquiry, it need to offer:Gerber files (included stencil files), PCB specifications (such as: size, PCB qty, Green/White, tenting vias, HASL with lead),PCBA qty,BOM – Bill of Material (See BOM sample for refer),Centroid file (the Pick and Place files), See example

What is the special price board?

For the special price board, it means the 1-2 layers board, 1 kind, 10pcs,with default PCB specifications (HASL with lead, 1oz, 6/6mil, min 0.3mm). If it is panel or other specifications, then it will no longer to enjoy the price of special price.

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